Heritage Farms Motorplex is located in Ypsilanti Township, MI

Contact John Ottino at 734-355-8480 for more details

Heritage Farms Motorplex


A Motorsport Community

At Heritage Farms Motorplex, we offer Car Condos in varying sizes to choose from. Sizes range from 30 or 40 feet deep, and 15, 20, and 30 feet wide. All have 20 foot ceilings. Condos can be combined to make a lager condo if you need more room. Condos can be purchased or can be leased for 3 or 5 years.

Construction will be starting soon.

During Phase 1, an early-signing discounted price of $100.00 per square foot is available for the purchased units.

With a deposit of two months rent on the leased condos, you will receive one month free.

Pre-Construction membership deposits will be held in separate interest bearing accounts and deposits are 100% refundable.

See yourself in one of these condos? Contact John @ 734-355-8480, or email jiottino2011@gmail.com

All condos come with:

  • 100 amp electrical, water, sewer and gas service.
  • Each condo has its own heat and air condition
  • Each condo has a bathroom
  • Finished and insulated walls and ceiling
  • Florescent lighting
  • Fully insulated floors
  • Insulated doors with remote door openers
  • State-of-the-art security and fire protection
  • On site recycle building for waste oil.

In addition to all this we will have a 4,000 square foot clubhouse and a road course for our members and other events.

> We are working to add a road course for our members to have access to, and we will hold special events there. Details later.

Heritage Farms Motorplex Car Condos is located at Willow Run Airport on the former site of the GM Plant.

We offer you a chance to build your own garage and set it up the way you want.

Investment opportunities still available

If you are interested in being part of this new development, call John @ 734-355-8480, or email jiottino2011@gmail.com.